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If you are purchasing or renting a home in one of our communities, you can request copies of association documents, estoppel certificates or applications for sale or lease. We do not provide insurance certificates, although we can direct you to an association insurance carrier. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard or checks payable to "SunState Management LLC".

Association Documents. We provide physical and/or electronic copies of association documents to members and third parties:

Association Documents


Estoppel Certificates. We provide estoppel information such as monthly dues rates, pending amounts due, due dates, account balances, delinquent payoff amounts and special assessment amounts. We provide estoppels within 15 days of the request and payment:

Estoppel Certificate


Sale/Lease Applications. We provide applications for sale or lease and schedule prospective residents for board interviews:

Sale/Lease Application


Member Documents. If you are a member of an association under our management, please log into your account to locate your documents:

Client Login


If you would like to search public records, please use these resources:

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